Our Company

Mission and Vision:

Playing is good. With this premise, we work every day to meet the needs of our most demanding customer: the kids.Focused on looking for continuous improvement processes, we work hard to permanently optimize our products´ quality and to achieve the best market prices throughout our distributors.The challenge is our, the result, yours


Arval was born at the beginning of year 2004 as a personal enterprise. It was focused on wooden toy guitars manufacturing, and it had a continuous and exponential growth that turned ARVAL in the major guitar´s manufacturer throughout our country. Gradually, we added new products that enlarged our toy´s family, and we are in constant development of new alternatives to launch to the market.


Committed with the fact that Argentina and Latin America need more entrepreneurs who generate wealth and improve the life quality environment, the case "Gauchita, the Argentinian guitar" was taken as an example of a "successful case" in several conferences and presentations associated to the entrepreneurial world. In this way, we encourage potential entrepreneurs to improve the growth of their own or merged projects.